Animal Adoption

Process Timeline

  1. Step 1: Rescue! We rescue animals off the streets with the help of the community, and we pull animals from the kill shelter on island, Ozato.
  2. Step 2: Initial Vetting Every animal we intake is seen by a licensed veterinarian, treated for any health concerns, and receives their first shots at a minimum. We keep up with all vetting as it’s due up until adoption.
  3. Step 3: Adoption Application When someone is interested in one or multiple animals, they can put in an adoption application and submit it to our website ,along with our $10 app fee. This is waived at events.
  4. Step 4: Meet and Greet Once approved, we will bring the animal to your home with supplies to get you started should you go into trial with them. All family members MUST be present.
  5. Step 5: Two-Week Trial If a meet and greet goes well, you will start the required two week trial period to ensure compatibility and pay the adoption deposit.
  6. Step 6: Adoption! If you are ready to adopt the animal, we will meet you at Kadena Vet Clinic to register the animal in your name, fill out an adoption contract, and hand over any vet records. You will return any borrowed supplies and pay the remaining balance, if any

Note: We do not have a facility. All our animals are in foster homes.